Technique Development Clinics

Technique Development Clinics

FERVENT Sports Arena has a unique environment for sports development for every players, and with their large ground diameter at Faridabad, you can get a feel of playing at international level grounds. The youngsters aiming to be at the top level can practice their big shots either during the day or under lights. They have the top-notch grooming facilities to expand anyone’s reach and transform their abilities as a prolific performer under our roof.

Fervent Sports Arena has positioned itself as the top sports venue in Faridabad for First-Class players and for international teams. We are in a process of inviting European Clubs to India in association with a British Sports Event Company. Foreign soil clubs from Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Ghana, Uganda, Namibia etc are proposed to tour India to play a series of Cricket Matches and participate in a professional Cricket Tournament at FERVENT Sports Arena this winter of 2023.

Hence, FERVENT Sports Arena is a paradise for sportsmen to participate in workshops and gain from various specialised training programs under qualified Coaches.

  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bio Mechanics
  • Yoga Centre


1.    1-on-1 technique strengthening sessions

Let’s work together to fulfil your sporting dreams by taking your talent to the next level. With our years of experience in Cricket Coaching, we know the needs of every player to knock at the doors of Professional Leagues. The technique required at the top level is the benchmark we ask our players to target so that they can excel at the District, State, National and International level.

Our players play with the top level international cricketers under the watchful eyes of our Coaches and accordingly they are shaped to advance further in their cricketing career. We promote fitness, flexibility and endurance in all our students. As they are prepared physically and mentally during the 1:1 session.

With present day Cricket asking for commitment and dedication, once a player is pointed out with blemishes then the player has to work on his technique for weeks or sometimes months to rectify it. Here the Head-Coach points out the technical flaws then the player has to dedicate long hours of practice with our Coaching staff repeatedly. Further, each trainee can take the advantage of our 1:1 session with our Coaching Staff who have learnt latest techniques under foreign experts to improve anyone’s game.

We prepare each cricketer during the 1:1 session to recognise their unique style of playing and master that style according to the present day cricket. In case, the player has a major flaw then that flaw is rectified and streamlined while still learning the foundations of technical cricket: -

a)    Speed and skills: The main motive which we want in every trainee is to make him understand the importance of speed if he is a fast bowler and to counter that speed if he is a batsman because his skills will depend on how he will play around with speed. In the modern day cricket, speed plays a major part and other technical parts revolve around it. Our Coach initially conducts a speed analysis of any bowler which becomes a snapshot of his strength and talent. Similarly, any batter’s response time to counter any speedy ball becomes a snapshot of his ability and further progress. On the basis of this, a sessionwise development plan is drafted out.

b)   Flexibility: This is the main concern while selecting the apple out of oranges. Flexibility plays a major role on the longevity of any athlete and his career. We focus on the player’s weaker muscles and motivate them to develop flexible muscles so that they have minimum injuries during their sporting career. Executing tactical exercises and strengthening those muscles results in longer sporting careers.

c)    Fitness: The major concern about any player’s career depends on his fitness regime. Any player who knows about his body and performs according to his skills has a better chance of exceeding in his career. To have a high level of fitness, we need to follow a routine where focus and concentration drills or yoga exercises are kept as first priority then only we can perform under pressure.

2.    Vacation Camps

Our Vacation Camps are held for imparting quality Coaching and exchanging knowledge in a precise and time bound manner. These professional Training Camps or Clinics are open for players of age 7 and above. This limited period engagement is most useful for those who are busy with their individual careers in their own towns and have a few days off where they want to make the most of our development programs and further build their skills. These camps or clinics are scheduled for such players who are playing in other states or provinces and when their season is not in action, they can turn up at our venue to enhance their skills and streamline their flaws during the camp or clinic. We also cover the psychological aspects and team building exercises for youngsters to adapt to any playing condition.

We are promoting and motivating overseas teams from England and Europe to visit our venue and get some much needed match practice while their sporting seasons are off the radar. We offer them 5-star hotel stay with breakfast at Radisson Blue, food at our venue during the day while training sessions are on. Similarly, there are a many add-ons sessions like gym, swimming pool and yoga. We tailor-made these Vacation Camps or Clinics as per the requirement of the particular overseas visiting team. Such trips for them make their players get a feel of real cricket in India and advance the skills of their players under pressure situations on Indian soil. We select the best performing teams of Delhi NCR to play our visiting overseas teams according to their strength. Moreover, we also keep in mind that our local teams are well disciplined and mature who makes the visitors feel home. Further, they get to know the latest cricketing techniques to counter spin bowling and handle their batting abilities on low bounce wickets.

Our tailor-made Camps or Clinics provides you a grasp on all the sporting elements of the game and prepares you to take the competitive side of the game head-on and build a strong base for successful career ahead. The elements that we cover during our Camps or Clinics are based on enjoyment and fun, where the players cross their optimum level without realising that they have gone far ahead with their sporting skills. This way they don’t even know they’ve attained higher skills and techniques prior to coming to us like: -

  • Endurance sessions in the morning
  • Stretching exercises between the endurance sessions
  • Yoga sessions
  • Match stimulations
  • Team building, tactical field placement and captaincy lectures
  • Match practice and stimulations 
  • Tournament participation
  • High Altitude Training in Outer Himalayas (if requested as it is very strenuous!)


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