School Line Ups

School Line Ups

We at FERVENT Promotions are extensively looking to associate and collaborate with likeminded schools and institutions for promoting high performance sports camp/clinic for during or after school timing. With our battery of coaches and trainers, we are in a process of collaborating and associating with one of the best schools or institutes of Delhi NCR & particularly Faridabad to support and boost raw talent where our team of coaches and trainers will conduct their operations with a distinctive and selective Coaching manual during and after school time.

All through the year, an effective system of Coaching will be followed which will be discussed and shared by organising regular interactive sessions and events with parents and school management for them to experience the progress of their child. With our sincere and disciplined team of coaches and trainers, we are in a process of addressing all issues related to our training camps/clinics, tours and tournaments.

As a matter of fact, we’ve a vibrant and professional team management running the affairs for the last 5 years. The main motive of our management is to move sports to higher levels within schools and institutes with a stable, consistent and active system giving peak result to all our trainees. FERVENT Sports Arena acts as a platform where all stake holders like players, coaches, students, grounds, cafes and facilities get connected for the good of the game.

Student Program

  Details Highlights Benifits
01. Well-thought-out Training Program Organizing a planned training camp/clinic in a school with academic curriculum augments exceptional value to your academia Invites above normal average admissions
02. Boosts universal education recommendation Systematized and amalgamated cricket passageway to the trainees Significant add-on for any education curriculum in schools
03. Labelling / Semblance / Reputation Availing top notch training opportunity by players alongwith global brands & First-class players Accomplish semblance / reputation and labelling collectively
04. Forward-looking value addition Sporting programs’ elite association with us will apparently attract the required value Extraordinary image building will add to the school reputation while providing training program
05. Upholding latest Coaching techniques Selecting the best available talent from an early age to mentor steadily to get the best out of them  Promoting the institute or school as one of the best organization which generates top class sportsmen by supporting our programs
06. Profit generation Partnering for technique development clinics in association with professionals of the game Supplementary source of profit generation for the school
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