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Sports cafe

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If the admiration for sports is strictly universal, then the very perception of a Sports Café – LED screens, screaming buddies and spice-inducing food is very much a lucrative deal for any Indian Cricket Fan. In the past decade, we’ve seen the notion spreading like wild fire where sporty people like to spend time with their pals on a sports field alongside a sporty café while watching their selected matches in a sporting environment. In the end, spending quality time in a good atmosphere is everything. Here we welcome all, who have a love for sports or for whom sports is paramount and if the surroundings command, shouting around like a chaotic hare-brained is absolutely right thing to do.

At a place packed with great eating joints around OMAXE World Street, our Sports Café scales because it is accompanied with our large ground with our doors directly onto the outfield. If you can’t get to play in the middle, spending time with mates on the ground in a natural set-up is a somewhat fair consolation.

Friendly, relaxed service and a pretty good Indian snack menu- the half price Omelettes and Maggi is an out-and-out steal. We haven’t cut any corners: a menu packed with Indian snacks with nutrition value that adds to proteins, what else you can ask for! A Menu list with local snacks will leave you satisfied, an outdoor garden, free wifi and a local staff in Pankaj Kumar make this Café nicer for a good time. 

This may be the best place for corporates & professionals to co-exist: Sports Café also organise local bands for the right event. Always broadcasting sports whether it is Indian Premier League, ISL, NFL, PGA, European League match ups and more. Broadcasting everything from Cricket to Golf and Wimbledon to the World Cup. The Menu doesn’t disappoint, either!

If you can beat the heat, Victory never tasted so… SPICY !!!

Pankaj Kumar
Café Manager

2 years of experience in army canteen
Specialist in Indian & French Cuisine

Our Sports Café can accommodate 4 teams at any time, so you are sure to be in a decent company. The Café boosts a sitting area that beckons to guests come summer under flood lights. You can bet if there’s a cricket game going on, it’ll be here.

Yup, you read that right – a French Style Sports Café in Faridabad. In fact, La belle vie is the only Indo-French café in the Greater Faridabad.

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