Football School

Football School

TdF is our Football School where we provide our ground for Football activities. We regularly organise Football events on weekdays. The concept is to provide a platform at our Sports Arena where Football can be played and promoted as a venue for Footballers. TdF means performance or achievement that has been accomplished or managed with display of strength and skills.

Our Management have passionate sportspersons who wants to make the most from our Arena. There was a time in India, the young boys didn’t have good facilities to prepare a career out of sports but with new avenues and mind-set, the sponsors are coming out to support and with Government initiatives every talented youngster can think of a future in Sports. With this mentality and outlook, we approached and invited the right mind set of people who can regularly visit us for Football activities at our venue. Slowly and surely, we are making a mark out of this initiative and our smart-work is showing result in the right direction.

We have the services of Mr. Jagdish Chandila a Football Coach with 15 years of Coaching experience and is registered under All India Football Federation. He is also a NIS Certified Coach with C & D Licence in Football (AIFF). He has also undertaken FIFA Guardian and Child Safeguarding Courses along with having FIFA Diploma in Football medicine. He is also FIFA Hygiene Implementation Officer. He has completion certificates in Goalkeeper Drills and Training for Youth. He is Coaching Youth players between the Ages 7 to 9 then from Ages 10 and Up. He has also completed Certificate Courses in?Training for Speed and Power along with Training in Sports Endurance & Fitness.

Jagdish Chandila
Football Coach and Mentor

15 years of experience:
Represented in Santosh Trophy,
Played in Haryana Senior State Football Championship,
Participated in All India Football Championship, 
Represented in Delhi School Sports & Activities,
Participated 54th National School Games along with numerous Junior Football Championships.

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