Corporate Comments

Corporate Comments

Vijay Singh Raghav
Regional Head, IDFC Bank

FERVENT Sports Arena has always been very close to my heart as we had so many memories with pals and opponents while playing there. We were fortunate to reach the Semis of their last Sunday League. We couldn’t digest the fact that we reached the semi-finals and this attitude made us perish during the end overs of the match.

All-in-all, FERVENT is a lucky hunting ground for us and we enjoy being there. With the flood lights coming soon, we’ll make the most of our evenings there. The wickets are true and even with the long boundaries adding magic to the ambience. We appreciate the hospitality given to the corporate teams and the management is always ready to support.

Looking forward to many more celebrations…
Captain, Gold Strikers Mix-Corporate Team

Finance Manager, Hitachi Vantara

I have been associated with FERVENT Sports Arena for last few years. It’s always been nice experience playing in the ground. The ground is maintained very well, the natural drainage of this ground is a big plus, even after heavy rain the ground is ready to play where it is not possible in other grounds in Faridabad. Ground staff and management so humble managing the ground, they always take care of players and make sure everyone is happy and enjoy playing in the ground. I wish all very best FERVENT Sports Arena for future Sucess.


A.Nayak (Cricheroes), SRS Blasters Team

Ashish Kumar Lohani
Finance Partner, Saatchi Group

We have played mix-corporate cricket tournaments at FERVENT Sports Arena, we have always enjoyed to be part of their tournaments because of discipline, timeliness and facilities they provide... Looking forward for longer association at Fervent

Captain, Savana Tigers Mix Corporate Team

Dinesh Rana
Sr. Security Specialist, Cyber Security

Love to play at FERVENT Sports Arena which is one of the best Managed ground, very innovative and respectful culture make them best in the business, best location!!!

Captain, Strikers XI Mix Corporate

Kaushik Tiwari
Business Marketing Leader (ME, Africa, Turkey & Israel), Western Digital

FERVENT Sports Arena is a well-managed cricket facility located in a highly accessible, central location of Faridabad. The ground is managed by sincere professionals committed to the cause of promoting cricket and it's demonstrated in their conduct during our interactions. The umpiring standards are satisfactory as well. The dry nature of the pitch at Fervent does result in some highly competitive games, testing skills of batters and bowlers both, thus enhancing the quality of cricket. No facility is 100% perfect and there is area of improvement for Fervent as well however when weighed in parlance with some of the other similar cricket facilities of Faridabad, Fervent certainly would feature amongst one of the better ones.

Captain, Titanium Mix-Corporate Team

Neeraj Sharma
Network Architect, Tech Mahindra

This is Spartans club 64, Circket is a lifeline for many of us and we are fortunate that now even faridabad has come a long way in providing healthy, competitive as well as good facilities for corporate cricket players. Fervent sports arena is one of the ground that provides the best sporting environment with very professional umpires. The most special thing I feel about Viney bhaiya, who owns this ground, is the opportunity he gives corporate players to express themselves in a professionally arranged awards ceremony. This helps to boost the confidence for a corporate player and do better Every time.
Hope to see u soon in cricket match!

Captain, Spartans 64 Mix-Corporate Team

Anil Sharma
Assistant Manager, GE India Pvt Ltd

I want to thank the "FERVENT sports Arena" for Hosting the competition. Every facility is accessible on the ground. The competition was very well run. Organizers use skilled umpires to guarantee a fair game. We are eager to participate in your upcoming tournament.

Captain, Smashing Gaints Mix-Corporate Team

Kapil Kumar
Sr. Sales Manager, Hitachi

Playing at FERVENT Sports Arena is always pleasure for Arsenals, throughout the whole tournament that we played last we reached in Finals. The journey was very great with other teams specially their Management who have been very polite and respectful to all teams. In very discipline, we played the whole tournament well. Umpiring was very good & would like to join once again on their coming Sunday tournament.

Vice-Captain, Arsenal Mix-Corporate Team

Dinesh Choudhary
Telecom Engineer, Ericsson

Good cricket ground and experience of playing on ground is also great. Management and Umpires are goods. Nets are also available for practice. Best ground in rainy conditions as it dry up very quickly.

Captain, Strikers XI Mix-Corporate Team

Saurabh Banga
Director, Avendus Capital

I must confess that it has been a real humbling experience playing at FERVENT Sports Arena not only on account of ground maintenance which stands out in terms of its size and well-manicured outfield vis a vis it's peer grounds but also on account of utmost professional approach of their staff who have really been impeccable when it comes to quality of umpiring / facilities available at ground and most Importantly clear communication and other important things. Here's wishing FERVENT Management the best ahead and I am sure they will soon be amongst top grounds across Haryana and not be limited to Faridabad.

Former Captain, Aanand Vilas Challengers Mix-Corporate Team

Aman Kasana
Import Export Manager, VAIDCRAFTS

We won the last Fervent League…!!
We had a few quite tight matches in our last and present Fervent Leagues. Moreover, we appreciate the nice environment and match conditions at FERVENT Sports Arena. We finished most of them with a lot of decency and discipline. It’s has been a habit now to oversee the After Match Presentations after every match here at Fervent. We appreciate you’re the facilities and look forward to play more exciting matches under the Day/Night Flood Lights.

Captain, Kings United Mix-Corporate Team (formally United XI)

Tushar Bhalla
Corporate Employee

Absolutely an Eden...!! FERVENT Sports Arena is amazing not just with the lovely lush green outfields but with the unmatchable hospitality by the ground staffs. Beautiful tracks that gives balanced opportunity to both batting n bowling units. It close to my heart as I was able to score my first T20 century on this deck.

Captain, Snow Leopard Mix-Corporate Team

Harish Jaiswal
Founder & CEO

Hunt Professional Services (HR Consulting Firm dealing in Manpower Recruitments, Staffing and Payroll Outsourcing) Indeed, it was a wonderful experience to play at Fervent Sports ground. The management had maintained the field very well along with the facilities provided let it be nets where there is a beautiful turf wicket which helps to enhance the batting skills as per the pace and bounce of the track. Secondly the supporting staff and academy players always encourage the corporate players with their prompt services. Spare balls, water, snacks on request, sitting arrangements and beyond all their well behaviour make it a truly great sporting environment. When it comes to ground outfield with quality of grass and the utmost important the pitch which meet the expectations very well. It helps both the batsman who spend time on wicket to score big runs and the bowler who was steady with his line length and get the required pace & bounce for pacers and drift & turn for spinners. Overall I always recommend FERVENT Sports Arena to be considered among the top grounds of Faridabad. My heartily thanks to the entire Fervent team and the management for the great commitment they had shown over the years and wishing them good luck for the future endeavours.


Captain, NIT Titans Mix-Corporate Team

Prashant Kumar Sharma
Senior Manager- Auditor

I would like to take a moment and convey my Thanks to the entire FERVENT, to be honest it has been a great journey with them be it organising the tournaments or facilities, it has been one of the Happy Hunting Ground for us, Great going and looking forward to the upcoming events.

Captain, Barasingha Mix Corporate Team

Antul Kumar
CEO, Shibui Exports

“When the world seems large and complex, we need to remember that great world ideals all begin in some home neighbourhood" I stay in OMAXE Spa Village Society and fortunate to be adjacent to FERVENT Sports Arena which is one of the best Cricket ground in Faridabad with best state of the art faculties and staff. Our society teams have played more than 60 matches in this ground in last 2 years and more to be played.


Elite Squad Mix-Corporate Team

Sunil Sai
Branch Credit Head, Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.

Congratulations on the launch of your cricket web page! May your platform hit every boundary and six, bringing joy to cricket enthusiasts all around the Faridabad/India/World. Wishing you a successful journey filled with match-winning moments and an ever-growing community of fans. Good luck!

Captain, Aanand Vilas Challengers Mix-Corporate Team

TMT Consultant

I have known FERVENT Management for almost 5 years now, and we generally participate in their Saturday League there. This ground is located at the heart of Greater Faridabad with has one of the best pitches & bigger boundaries. We highly recommend all the teams to play there at least once to experience.

Captain, Savana Falcons Mix Corporate Team

Brajesh Sharma
Prop., N & N Associates

Fantastic ground like international, fully grass location is also fantastic. We have made one of the best corporate players represent our team while playing at Fervent Sports Arena. We are blessed to have a ground like this and are always ready to play there. In fact, some of the former Ranji players like Praveen Thaper, Pramod Paul, etc who’ve passed their prime are eager to play at Fervent. Thus,

Manager, Dayanand XI Mix-Corporate Team

Mahesh Sharma
Sr. Manager HR & IR Polymedicure Ltd.

FERVENT Sports Arena managed by the Former Ranji cricketer is the life, pride and glory of all cricket lovers of NCR. One of the most beautiful ground which is very close to the Connaught Place of Faridabad (World Street). Faridabad Super XI always loves to Play at this Ground and requesting everyone to come, play and enjoy cricket.

Captain, Faridabad Super XI Mix-Corporate Team

Sumit Arya
Procurement Lead, TSM Enterprises

As a cricket enthusiast and an active participant of Star Strikers Cricket Club, we had the privilege of playing at FERVENT Sports Arena several times in the past few years. At Fervent the well-maintained outfield and meticulously prepared wicket is just the perfect place for your passion towards game.

The professional and courteous attitude of the Management ensures that everything runs smoothly, providing an excellent experience for all the players.
The pitch, the soul of any cricket ground, has always been exceptional at FERVENT Sports Arena. The overall management and organization at Fervent deserve high praise. From arranging fixtures and scheduling matches to ensuring continuous games even in tricky weather.

Our time at FERVENT Sports Arena has been nothing short of extraordinary. This cricket ground epitomizes the essence of the sport, providing a perfect blend of natural beauty, outstanding infrastructure, and a passionate cricketing community. I wholeheartedly recommend playing at FERVENT Sports Arena.

Captain - Star Strikers Cricket Club

Bhaumik Sharma
Corporate Employee

A good cricket ground with beautiful and shadowed sitting space. All cricket matches organized in a well-organized and disciplined way. Ground is good, with nice sporting wicket which feels great for sports lovers.

Captain, WeOne Mix-Corporate Cricket Team

Deepak Mehndiratta
Proprietor, On The Job Productions

It was a great experience playing cricket at FERVENT Sports Arena. The Management is polite and nice person, their full presence made us so comfortable and supportive, well maintained ground gave us feeling like professional play. Ground Location is also easy assessable. Umpire are also very professional. It’s good place to play.

Captain, Havoc Mix-Corporate Cricket Team

CDR Gagan Chaturvedi
Retired Army Officer

"It was June 2020 and the corona wave just declined to a new low. Govt reduced the controls and opened public places. It was Seahawks X1 first ever tournament in FERVENT which has one of the best location in Greater Faridabad.
We won that tournament and the memories and beautiful trophy 🏆 still reminds me one of the best moments we had at FERVENT Sports Arena with great facilities and beautiful big cricket ground.

I must also mention about the Management which is so humble and helpful in coordinating the events considering most of the requests.

It’s been 3 years and counting for my team to play matches at this venue with a new pitch which generally is around 180+ in T20 matches.

Captain, Seahawks Mix-Corporate Cricket Team

Gaurav Choudhary
Educationalist, The Mentor's Guidance Institute

Well maintained cricket ground with good facilities. FERVENT Sport Arena ground staff is very good and supportive in nature. We have played a lot of exciting matches here and look forward to many more.

Captain, Indo Agniveers Team

Sanjay Bhatia JONTY
Owner, BHARAT furniture

"FERVENT Sports Arena" has given me so many memories and it's always delightful to play there. Whatever the weather conditions their arrangements and Turf wickets are properly maintained. I've been playing cricket for almost 36 years and I'm 50+ now but I never leave any opportunity of playing @Fervent. I never miss any chance of play there till date just because of the overall atmosphere.

Captain, Sanjay JONTY Eleven Team

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