Vehement About Sports

Vehement About Sports

Hello from faridabad, the haryana state where you will always find us no matter what? We are biggest cricket venue of delhi ncr with close to 10 corporate cricket teams visiting us for matches during each weekend. So, regardless of your enthusiasm and vitality we are always ready to provide you with the best. That’s why we are

We love sports and exploring places, conceptualising events, and seeing the endless horizons more than anything in the world. Living with sports is about living your dreams, pushing comfort zones, making friends, inspiring others, and having an amazing time on the ground!

A prefect day for us would be playing before sunshine, off the house, and having food with friends all the while, looking for that perfect sporting venue for a days and do it all over again!

We are there for you!

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Boys Sports Hostel

We are providing Hostel facilities for the out stationed boys who are frequently lodging at our facilities either for short or long stay. With FERVENT Sports Arena surrounded by residential societies where we can easily arrange accommodation with food. We’ve a few good accommodation options for boys who want to explore Cricket in Delhi which is rendered as the best limited overs Cricket platform with regard to competitive tournaments and leagues organised here. Delhi has produced many outstanding Cricket greats like Virat Kohli, Kapil Dev, Virendra Sehwag, Gautan Gambhir, Ashish Nehra, Mohindra Amarnath, Yashpal Sharma, Chetan Sharma, Maninder Singh, Manoj Prabhakar, Ajay Jadeja, Mohit Sharma etc.

Player Contentment

At FERVENT Sports Arena, we maintain a happiness program where all our trainees and players enjoy hundred percent satisfaction with regard to his practice and training. We request them to follow a road map where their annual goals are set and roadblocks coming their way are realised well in advance so that they are mentally strong to face them. Additionally, they’re made to understand what comes next in their realisation of goal. Further to their satisfaction, we have a very comfortable and flexible practice session timing where our players can use our big ground for training without time restrictions.

Sponsorship Database

We are one of the prominent organisation which promotes player to an extent where we endorse lads to play for different Corporates and Clubs. We try our best for the boys to generate finances to cover their healthy diet and maintain their standard of cricket. These players get scholarships or sponsorships while playing at top grounds and in different match situations. Any boy who consistently performs can easily get better proposals to further their career either by stipends, cricket gear sponsorship, contract sponsorships etc. Thus, we understand player’s needs and constantly works in providing financial support to talented players as per their needs.

Frequent Matches, Tours and Clinics

We consistently conduct matches during week days for our players to be match ready. For any successful institute is to get their students absorbed into best companies for jobs or as an intern. Similarly, FERVENT Youth Cricket Club constantly participates in tournaments around India. After the Corona Pandemic relaxation or post Corona, we are now planning to take foreign tours to England, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa. Moreover, we twice in a year take National Tour for matches or Camps. Such National Tours prepares us for future match situations in different conditions. Such interactions with various teams in different conditions makes our boys mature and mentally strong.

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